The flock feels the pressure

Living in North America as a Christian is becoming harder everyday. Besides the pressure applied to churches via the ridiculous lockdowns imposed by governments to combat corona virus that limited or eliminated the gathering of the saints, there is also a dwindling number of the ‘Christmas & Easter’ variety.

Have you noticed something else that comes along with the hubris of unbelievers? The number of insults they hurl at us is increasing, and I bet that you are feeling more rage. Two things happen and you then have a choice to make. First, you feel rage and you listen to the Holy Spirit that may tell you to ‘not throw your pearls to the swine’ (Matthew 7:6) or you rebuke the person who is speaking ill will. If you choose the latter, the second thing that happens is that you must be prepared for confrontation on a regular basis or you scatter.

Right now, some churches are scattered more than others. Some have moved online, others have defied orders and gathered. Regardless of how we manage through these limitations, it is important that we interact with other believers so that, metaphorically speaking, each of our coals burn more brightly together. Do not forsake the gathering of the saints. (Hebrews 10:25) Don’t listen to these idiotic proverbs they spew in the media like “Working together by staying apart.” Its rubbish.

No matter what your setting may be, find at least one other person your small group you can speak with to keep and grow your faith. So that this pressure you feel now does not break you, but like a diamond, makes you harder and unwavering. Be prepared for the fight that is surely growing by the day, and persevere to the end – after all Jesus is with us always, even till the end of time. (Matthew 28:20)

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