Sometimes you struggle… that’s life. It’s okay – God still loves you

Usually I would start off the writing process with a peruse through the Holy Bible, but today, although a short message, did not require inspiration from reading – but from feeling.

And what do most people fail to remember when their feelings are elevated – particularly bad ones? People forget that what they feel does not change the bigger picture. The face of the matter, is that you can feel bad after committing a sin like gossiping, lying, or stealing; but that doesn’t change the fact that God loves you. The important thing to do is to repent (which means not only to confess your sins to God but to turn away from that sin) and know that God loves you no matter. Know it. Accept it. It is okay to be loved even when you do something bad whether on purpose or not.

We will encounter many times in our life when we do something sinful or bad and feel undeserving of God’s love, but that is a lie. God loves you and paid the price for you. This is the most critical time to remain vigilant and constant in your prayer and the time you spend in His presence – even without saying a word. There are times when God may feel very far from you, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t close. What you are feeling is surely a passing moment in time and will not grow the divide between you and your Heavenly Father if you, “Be still and know that I am God.” Just because you can’t see the end of the tunnel from your current vantage point does not mean the end isn’t there.

Remember not to let your feelings dictate your belief in Christ and His plans and thoughts for you. Just deal with them, repent if you have to, and maintain constant prayer and time with Him. He really is more real than the air we breathe.

God loves you. God bless.

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