Fire Purifies. Strengthens Your Faith.

At the start of the year I wrote an article about the pressure being turned up on Christians. As I write this article now, a few months later, the fire is being turned up more and more each month. Christian churches are under being forced to close. Christian pastors, priests, and leaders are being arrested like in Alberta, Canada under the ridiculous guise of danger to health. People are losing their jobs for refusing to get jabbed or share their jab status (which is private information). Some have lost their jobs already for refusing to submit to this form of medical tyranny. Families are splitting apart as those who are jabbed are excluding those who made a different choice from dinners, visits, and weddings.

I am not sure how much higher the heat can get, but you must be prepared to take action if the fire does turn up. Fire is used to purify. Through trial and tribulation our faith is tried and strengthened. This is where your reliance on the Holy Spirit becomes more important than ever as you require greater wisdom, patience, steadfastness, and understanding of God’s word to come out of the fire a stronger Christian and stronger person than ever before. Jesus promised us that tests were coming.

Why am I discussing these two things together? Although I have no widespread evidence, there does seem to be the possibility of a correlation between being a stronger christian and taking more time to think about government actions/mandates and how it affects our bodily autonomy. Is it because Christians understand more than others that bodily autonomy is a gift from God? Is it because God tells us to “test the spirits” and “hold fast to what is good.” Does this not mean that we see the acts of seeking wisdom and intelligence, and making choices as not a right, but a duty?

We are all kings, and thus why it is said that Jesus is the King of kings. The duty of a king is to seek wisdom and make decisions. Especially the tough ones. So are we acting like kings over our own bodies and thoughts? Or relinquishing those duties to the so called ‘experts’? Since we are all kings and the heat is turning up, it is time to strengthen our faith, spend time with the Holy Spirit, seek wisdom, and make the tough choices – even when the consequences could be difficult.

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