Yes. Your words can be a well of life.

Pro 10:11  The mouth of a righteous man is a well of life: but violence covereth the mouth of the wicked.

— Proverbs 10:11

Is it hard for you to believe that the words of a man (or woman) can be the difference between creating life and taking life away from somebody?

If it is, consider this – all it takes for a war to start anywhere in the world, is for the leader of a country to speak to his own people, that they are going to attack another country.  All it takes is the WORDS IN A SPEECH to start a war. Whether the impetus for war are based on real information or not, or for a justified reason or not, is irrelevant.

Think about that for a little longer.  It is the words that a person speaks that move people to action, regardless of the real intention or information gathered behind the scene.

It is a leaders words that create the vision they have for the future of a company, service, or product.  The computer, mobile phone, air conditioning, wireless communication, and subways are built by the words and messaging that are created by the leaders.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired an entire generation to fight for civil rights.  Dr. King Jr. was a Christian. Where do you think he had as a role model? JESUS CHRIST!

Jesus changed the world and His words are so powerful that they transcend time and continue to bring people closer to God, and to live a simple, productive, loving, holy life.  No other leader in the world at any point in time, has ever done the same.

So when you think about the words you use in your life when you speak, who will be your role model?

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