Prove all things! Use your words to determine what is good.

Are humans gullible? You bet! As a mass of people? Even more so.  As unique individuals created in God’s image however, and sent forth into this world to be victorious, one must adhere to the principals of God. What is one of those principals?

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good”  – 1 Thessalonians 5:21

Ladies and gentlemen, the short, fast, and hard of it is this – when you are presented with physical items or people express to you ideas – ask questions and put them through the ringer to see if they are truthful and valuable items to you; such that you can determine if it is worth keeping or remembering. If it is valuable – if it is good – then keep it in a fashion as something that is valuable.

Example: Someone (even a friend) tells you that eating asparagus is good for you.  What you must do is ask questions of that person to determine why they say it is so, and determine if they are truthful. See if the results are common among other people that eat asparagus and so forth. If your own research proves it to be valuable advice, eat asparagus.  If not, then do not eat asparagus.

This principal is even more important when examining ideas and intellectual positions on faith, the Holy Bible, money, family, health, shelter, civic duties, etc.  These matters can be life changing and require your diligent attention to prove their worth. You are determining what is the best thing for your life. Take it seriously!!!  Your actions therefore, must be to use your words, written or spoken, to create an environment and criteria for you to determine whether an idea is worth incorporating into your life.

Remember, more than any other religion, Christianity not only gives you the power, but the AUTHORITY to think freely about these decisions and act freely. Don’t let an atheist or any other detractor tell you otherwise, because they are wrong.

Want to prove it?

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