What am I doing? Let’s rephrase the challenge.

Most of us have heard a similar proverb expressed throughout much of our lives, “Do something you love.”, “Find your calling.”, “What’s your passion.”, and so on and so forth.  These worldly pieces of advice do point to a necessary, difficult, and sometimes changing aspect of our life, but for many people it presents a monolithic problem often expressed in the terms,

“What the heck am I going to do?”

All of us need to be cognisant of the fact that it is possible to be busy and accomplish little, AND to be busy while uninspired. The issue with both is that they take up our valuable time. While I do write this article having wrestled with this question myself, what my aim today is, is to provide a biblical way of approaching this challenge. Let’s take an approach that is greater than ourselves. As Paul writes in 1 Cor 7:24,

                “Brethren, let every man, wherein he is called, therein abide with God.”                              1 Corinthians 7:24

In other words, what has God called us to do?  Is it to flip burgers like no one else can? Is it to lead a church? Bake food to feed to the poor? It can be anything – and here in lies the challenge that people have – what if that something means they are aren’t enough from the perspective of their family or neighbors or peers? The simple answer is “Who cares?” but the fact of the matter is that things rarely are that easy at first glance. The good news however, is that if you genuinely try to answer this question with God and start doing anything, you will have a good outcome.

Here’s why!  At worst, in your journey with God to figure out your calling you will have learned new skills and positively impacted people along the way.  At best, you will find what you have been called to do and know how long to do it before (maybe) moving onto the next calling.

Let’s not set things in stone, but set them in motion.

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