Let’s Sharpen Our Words

Ladies and gentlemen,

This is just the first part of me sharing my ideas on what I think needs to be done, by all people, in order to change their lives.  We must use SHARPER WORDS. We must fine tune what we say to ourselves, how we pray to God, and how we speak to others to make our own lives better, and the lives of those we encounter better.

Just so I can prove to you that we are not here to speak about some self help stuff – consider this this question: Do you like being around a person who only speaks about their problems and does nothing to change them? OR, do you prefer to be around a person who speaks about what they love to do and how they are fixing whatever problems they have? If you are honest with yourself, it is the latter. The reason is that this person has spent more time finding out who they are, they are actively doing things to fix their problems because they believe their actions will create a positive change, and that person is a magnet for others.

Together, let us learn and practice sound principals based on the wisdom found in the Holy Bible, and use Sharper Words to cut out the bad branches, and bring forth good fruit.

Here’s to sharpening our words, Pierce.

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